The shipyard and production

If you combine pure craftsmanship with an untamed passion for water sports and one hundred percent Dutch workmanship, the name that automatically ‘comes to the surface’ is Interboat. The shipyard is renowned both nationally and internationally for the high quality, extreme durability and reliability of the characteristic sloops and comfortable cruisers.

All Interboat models are one hundred percent Dutch in both design and the production. The construction process at the 7000+ m2 shipyard in Zwartsluis, Overijssel, is run entirely by and is the responsibility of Interboat.

The construction process at Interboat respects the age-old traditions of Dutch shipbuilding. An eye for detail and respect for the characteristic properties of the materials were generally accepted principles in those bygone days. Naturally, the shipyard has not ignored practical, contemporary technology, under the strict condition that it provides a tangible added value to the quality of the finished product. We combine the best from both worlds to produce the very best product. This is why Interboat provides a 10-year guarantee on the hull.

To guarantee consistent mixing ratios for the production of the polyester components, fully automated machines are used in a conditioned room for the application of the gel coating and the resin. Whereas this sector generally uses a machine to spray on glass fibre to save on man-hours, Interboat goes one big step further in its quest for quality. The glass fibre mats are applied by hand, which is also called the hand lay-up method. This produces a much stronger and smoother surface and guarantees an equal thickness of polyester throughout.

A high-grade vacuum method is used during the production of some of the smaller components. Both methods produce a high level of quality and have the advantage that they minimise the emission of harmful substances.

Safety, quality, comfort and reliability are key to the choice of materials and the selection, assembly and installation of the standard facilities and accessories. The final finishing work is performed exclusively using high-grade materials such as stainless steel and solid teak. This applies to both the exterior and the interior. The use of traditional methods to finish the solid teak deserves special attention. This gives the high quality, comfortable and durable character of the different models an additional nostalgic ambiance.

All the models are CE certified for coastal water (category C) at a minimum, and the larger Intercruisers are certified as fully seaworthy (category B). The combination of high quality and strict adherence to the design qualifications provides a watertight guarantee for years of carefree sailing pleasure. Interboat products are delivered in strict conformance with the HISWA conditions. The motivating force is formed by pure craftsmanship and a passion for water sports. Craft also Comply to UK Boat safety Scheme standards.