The freedom to set your own course.

Worth your while
Can you think of anything better than hours or even days of undisturbed sailing through the magnificent water ways of the United Kingdom, together with your family, friends or relations? This is what you call being completely free to enjoy each other’s company as well as the beautiful landscape in our country. Tying up every now and then for a cup of tea, lunch or a pleasant drink with other water sports enthusiasts. Owning a boat gives you more than just the freedom to set your own course. Every time you board your own boat, you realise that life really is worthwhile.

Anchored solid as a rock
This is the thought that provides daily inspiration to the entire Interboat workforce and gives enthusiasm to them to build the characteristic sloops and luxury cruisers at their shipyard, in accordance with the conventions of traditional Dutch workmanship. The result is a comprehensive specification that combines excellent sailing properties with the best possible comfort. The owner is also secure in the knowledge that the quality and durability of their one hundred percent Dutch product is anchored rock solid in design and implementation. The construction process at the 7000+ m2 shipyard in Zwartsluis, Overijssel, is run entirely by and is the responsibility of Interboat, which to this day is a genuine family business.

Comprehensive assortment

With a choice of five different sloops and four complete cruisers, Interboat can meet the wishes and requirements of a broad public. Their different dimensions are expressed in the names Interboat and Intercruiser as well as the model number. The standard equipment installed in the sloops and cruisers is comprehensive, but all the models have a choice of different engine models and an assortment of supplementary accessories. In principle, a sloop is built for day cruises that do not involve overnight stays. The cruisers are designed for longer trips and have an enclosed cabin as well as a level of facilities that meets the criteria of a seaworthy craft. This includes a sleeping compartment and a ‘wet room’. By installing additional facilities a sloop will also be able to undertake multi-day trips on the water. Interboat also offers individually customised colours for the hull, sprayhood and cushions for all of its models.

Functional and aesthetic balance
Interboat earns the most recognition from their pragmatic approach to work. The designers ensure that the function and aesthetics of each model is in balance.  In other words, the aesthetics of the sloops and cruisers are highly acclaimed but this is certainly not to the detriment of the functionality of the facilities and the comfort onboard. Design serves shipping!  This is why there is additional focus on the benches, which literally provide good support to everyone onboard. You will immediately notice the difference in approach during your first trial cruise.
With the low-noise and low-vibration operation of the engines and the exceptional sailing properties, Interboat gets close to perfection. Current owners will confirm this wholeheartedly.

The combination of high quality and a strict adherence to the design qualifications enables Interboat to provide a watertight guarantee for years of carefree sailing pleasure. All deliveries are covered by the HISWA conditions, as standard. Interboat provides additional security, supplemental to the manufacturer’s guarantee, to sloop and cruiser owners in the form of a network of Interboat companies and certified partners in most popular water sport regions in the Netherlands. Now with expansion to the United Kingdom also. An Interboat owner therefore knows there will always be a service station in the neighbourhood for maintenance work and if required for conditioned winter storage.

We would be delighted to help you discover the pleasure of life on the water. We wish you lots of sailing pleasure. See you in our showroom!

Interboat sloop & cruiser team